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Prime apartments in the heart of Vienna Real estate in Austria: buy, sell, rent. Еhe cost of apartments, houses and villas in the center of Vienna, near the lake, in the mountains. Inexpensive and elite-prices for sale commercial and residential. Real estate Agency with realtors Luxury Immobilien.

Luxury Immobilien GmbH is a division of the Metropolitan Group, which is one of the biggest and most reliable real estate agencies in the UAE, headquartered in the emirate of Dubai.

Based on your requirements and financial situation, we will find the most favourable property for you. We will negotiate with the seller, arrange a mortgage if needed and handle the registration of the property ownership in the respective government agencies.

Our agents will choose the most lucrative rental options, taking into account your budget, marital status, whether you have pets and many other factors. In addition, we will negotiate with prospective landlords regarding the price, make sure the ownership title is in the land register, as well as draft and finalize a lease agreement.

We are able to offer our clients and partners investment projects across all possible commercial properties' segments in Austria, including revenue houses, hotels, offices, business parks and development projects. In addition, we will help you set up a business and use the most effective investment tools to maximize your profit.

In the Innere Stadt, located at Börseplatz 1, there is a remarkable historical building built between 1870 and 1873. An elegant loft is available here for either purchase or rental.

Headquartered in Vienna, Luxury Immobilien GmbH is a real estate agency which provides a wide range of services regarding real estate transactions, including the sale and purchase of property, property management, and short and long-term rentals of both commercial and residential property.

In order to present your property in the best light, we will conduct a video and photoshoot, as well as drawing up floor plans to attract potential buyers.

Thanks to low unemployment rates and consistent social benefits, according to the World Bank, Austria is among the top 20 globally in terms of GDP per capita. That being said, approximately 72% of individuals aged 15 to 64 in Austria have a paid job, above the OECD average of 66%. The local security system is contribution-based and covers sickness, accidents, pension and unemployment insurance.

The country boasts a robust export-focused industry and multiple specialised small and medium businesses, which represent about 25% of Austria's GDP. There are favourable business conditions due to the fact that taxation for companies in Austria (a total tax burden of 22.5%) is lower than in France, Germany and the US in 2021, as per the BAK Taxation Index.

Austria boasts a favourable location in Central Europe, while Vienna offers excellent transport connectivity to South-East and Eastern Europe. As a result, the capital serves as a headquarters for many companies with activities in CEE, as well as multiple offices of the UN and other international organizations.

Vienna International Airport, with approximately 260,000 flight movements per year, is the largest airport in Austria and a major hub in Europe. In 2022, it was awarded the "Best European Airport 2022" award from the Airports Council International. Other large airports within the country are located in Salzburg and Innsbruck.

Austria houses over 380 resort destinations, treating its visitors to all-year-round recreational and leisure activities, such as trekking, golf, sailing, skiing and snowboarding. The majority of resort real estate is being sold while still off-plan, which makes it more affordable than during the final stages of construction or upon completion.

The Construction Law of Austria also binds developers to fulfill the agreement and meet the set deadlines. When leasing a resort property, you will not have to handle landlord responsibilities, as a resort company will handle the property management for you.

According to the Property Index 2022, Austria ranks as the second most expensive property market, with the average price set at EUR 4,872 per sq. m for a new apartment. At the same time, the investment yields range from 3 to 6% per annum.

With such a surge in price, it is worth investing in a property in Austria and generating extra income from a subsequent resale or lease. Among the most popular property types are upscale residences with balconies/terraces in the Alps and lake regions, amidst the trend for remote working.

In 2022, Vienna was ranked as the 'world's most livable city', according to the Economist's Intelligence Unit Report. At the same time, Austria was among the top 10 happiest countries in the world, as revealed by the World Happiness Report 2021 by the U. N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The country is famed for its exceptional healthcare services, its efficient public transport infrastructure and minimal pollution. On top of that, Austria is in the top-5 most peaceful countries in the world, as reported by the Global Peace Index.

Got a renting contract with a help of Anna from this company. Great service! Due to certain reasons I had some non-standard requests to be stated in the rental...

Our experience with Anna was as long-term renters from another country. We are not usually a realtor's first choice of customer. We never felt that way with Anna...

Prices can range from EUR 3,000,000 to EUR 20,000,000. The average price of an elite 300 sq. m to 400 sq. m home in the 17th, 18th or 19th districts is approximately EUR 8,000,000 to EUR 9,000,000.

The most expensive property at the moment is the 18th century Schwarzenbach Castle (Schloss Schwarzenbach), which is located in Salzburg (Bundesland Salzburg). This unique building combines old aristocratic style with modern design. On the vast territory of the residence there are winter gardens, swimming pools and a wellness zone. The cost of the castle is EUR 44,000,000. The building is approximately 953 sq. m in size, while the total area of the lakeside plot spans 98,468 sq. m. 

The biggest home currently for sale is the luxury castle, Schloss Schwarzenbach, located in Salzburg (Bundesland Salzburg). The building is approximately 953 sq. m in size, while the total area of the lakeside plot spans 98,468 sq. m.

Got a renting contract with a help of Anna from this company. Great service! Due to certain reasons I had some non-standard requests to be stated in the rental...

Luxury Immobilien: Meinungen

5/5 (5 Meinungen)
Egor Bocharov 2 months ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Eine tolle Agentur, die uns sehr geholfen hat, SCHNELL eine tolle Mietwohnung in Wien zu finden. Frau Elena Shved war eine große Hilfe, ging auf jede unserer Anfragen ein und bot nur praktikable Optionen an. Meine besten Empfehlungen für das Unternehmen und Frau Shved persönlich!

Luke Abazi 6 months ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Elena Esquivel ist die beste Immobilienmaklerin in Wien, sie ist sehr hilfsbereit und macht ihre Arbeit perfekt. Ich würde Elena jedem empfehlen, der eine Immobilie kaufen möchte.

Doru Parasca 7 months ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Die Zusammenarbeit mit Elena Esquivel war super. Wir haben eine Immobilie in Abu Dhabi gekauft und die Unterstützung dabei war sehr gut. Wir wurden gut durch den Prozess begleitet und selbst nachdem der Kauf abgeschlossen war, hat uns Elena weiter geholfen bei Fragen.

Helmut Schreiber 7 months ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Die Vermittlung meiner Wohnung an einen neuen Mieter durch Frau Pilnikova war überaus professionell, kompetent und überaus freundlich. Sie hat zu jederzeit ein offenes Ohr für meine Wünsche und Anliegen gehabt. Alles wurde rasch und zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit erledigt. Ich fühlte und fühle mich noch immer bestens betreut von ihr. Sie war das Beste das mir passieren konnte. Ich werde sie gerne, bei Gelegenheit, weiterempfehlen.

Andre Schmid 8 months ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Sehr kompetente Unterstützung bei der Immobiliensuche!

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